Technology Journey II.

Through my ICE 234 course, survey of computers in schools, I have gained much more knowledge on technology. This includes what is considered technology, how it developed over time, and how to incorporate it into my lessons. The information I have gathered and the experience offered throughout the class enhanced my understanding on technological gaps between generations and how fast technology develops. Throughout the course, my view on technology has changed since the beginning of the semester.

Before my completion of this course, I had a broad perspective on how technology was used within the classrooms. As quoted from myself, in the earlier stages of this course, “During my elementary school years, I can recall the teachers using, at the most, projector screens and television sets.” My classmates and I used very little technology when being compared to the students of the current generation. It was not until junior high school when I started to use computers and developing awareness on how to use the Internet. Sixth grade was the initial point at which my age group began developing my 21st century skills. Students learned how to open computer programs, increase typing skills, and access Internet browsers. As I entered high school, students were subject to type out certain class work or even do research via the Internet. Computers were also beginning to be common within the classrooms; as the technology increases, the age at which students begin to experience the equipment vary. Taking this course has brought understanding of how much technology has enhanced since my time, and how often I will have to update my knowledge on the subject matter, in order to incorporate into my future lesson plans.

Students of this century have a better understanding on the usage of technology. These children are usually referred to as “digital kids”, said to have grown up around technological devices and therefore find it easy to use technology. I did not realize this concept until the visit to Bracken Elementary School. As a magnet school, which focuses highly on technology, the students are often engaged in activities that incorporate their 21st century skills. Earlier I stated that I did not experience computer usage until sixth grade, these students began encountering technology at the kindergarten level, or even earlier. These students amazed me; the way they were able to navigate around computer programs with ease at such a young age was outstanding. Even at a fifth grade level, the students at Bracken were performing computerized surgery. The technology we have has allowed the students of our era to have fun while still being engaged in their educational activities.

The amount technology has increased over the past decades is unbelievable. Without the knowledge I received from this course, I would still be blind-sighted about how much technology has evolved since my younger days. As an educator, I must continue to recognize that technology is continuously evolving. The students of the future generations will most likely have a better understanding of the technological devices than myself. With this being said, I must keep up with the new development and usage of technology; finding new and more accurate ways to incorporate this into my teachings, which this course has helped prepare me for those situations.

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