Technology Journey I

22 January 2007

Technology has been used throughout my life, as well as many others. It was only inevitable that technology has been exposed to schools and their students. There are several ways that teachers use technology to help their students grasp information. Although technology allows an individual to learn through more ways than one, technology can also hold personal uses.

Elementary, middle, and high school have the capability of using technology in their facilities, but each level may vary in the major use of the equipment. I recall that the major use of technology during my elementary school years were television sets. The use of this equipment allowed teachers to teach in a new way, rather than verbal lessons. Televisions sets were used to watch educational movies, such as Spanish teaching videos. Middle school was not only an advancement of education, but also an upgrade of technology usage. Throughout middle school, a great number of teachers tend to use overhead projectors. Teachers stepped away from the chalkboards and began to write on the overhead sheets, which enabled students to an easier access to their knowledge. For the duration of my high school years I was introduced to a new variety of technology. Educators, as well as students, began using computers. This piece of equipment allowed teachers to check emails, hold grades, and record attendance. Students used the computers to learn basic typing skills and research information for greater knowledge. There were many ways that technology was used throughout my educational years.

There are various types of hardware/software that we are exposed to as young students. During my stay at home, I experienced using cellular phones, email, instant messaging, mp3 players, video game devices, etc. Although this equipment was developed for personal usage, it introduced technology. Myself significantly admired this particular technology, along with family and friends. The equipment not only allowed us to communicate with greater ease, but also created a sense of amusement. Schools were also introducing technology to their children, such as showing educational films through DVD players, creating projects on computers, and accessing the web to gain greater knowledge. The technology helped me engage in activities due to the sparked curiosity and entertainment. When our class was able to use computers or watch television, it brought about change to our ordinary lesson. The students gain interest in what they are learning, therefore absorbing the knowledge. Being exposed to technology created a different learning experience for myself, as well as my classmates.

There are many options when using technology, educational purposes or entertainment. As I advanced in school, the technology increased, bringing about change to my educational experience. Technology allows individuals to learn through various ways and structures. My technology journey started at an early age, but carries on as I continue to develop additional skills and intake further knowledge.

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