Freddi the Fish
the case of the haunted schoolhouse

This sample of instructional software is preferred for children ages 3-8.

Students go on an adventure with two fish to try and solve the mystery of who is haunting the schoolhouse. They create a plan to capture the impostor, but before they can set up their trap, they must find a few items. Students use memory, logic, and problem solving skills to reach the goal of exposing the so-called ghost.

This is a great game and is extremely fun for the younger students. Children are able to experience cause and effect when clicking around with mouse. They develop memory, logic, and problem solving skills through playing this game. Songs are sang continuously throughout the game, which young children admire. Students learn to identify appropriate ways to make changes and resolve conflict, along with listing safety prevention strategies.They are able to learn morals, such as sharing and helping others. The game also points out safety precautions, i.e. do not touch sharp items. As well as making a notice that everyone is different.

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