As you may know from the given header, my name is Denise Araujo.

I am currently attending UNLV to stregnthen my knowlegde in the education field. To be more specific, I am looking forward to teaching in the primary levels.

The question is raised why would someone decide to become a teacher with all the downsides of a teaching career? In my opinion, there are no downsides to teaching. I have decided that I love the adventures of teaching children; to see their young faces light up with joy when the finally learn a new concept. As a current instructor in Water Safety and Tae Kwon Do, I continue to teach young children how to swim and the basics of this martial art. The children, especially, are what have ensured me of my future career. I want to give back more to these children, and by becoming an educator I am able to give them back the essentials needed for their future.