Technology Journey I

The reason I choose to display my first technology journey draft is because I want people to see how my experience with technology has evolved over the course of this semester. To compare the two drafts and understand the difference between how much I knew during the start of the course, and how much more knowledge I have gained throughout the short months.

Here is a sample of what my Technology Journey I has to offer:

"Elementary, middle, and high schools have the capability of using technology in their facilities, but each level may vary in the major uses of the equipment. I recall that the primary use of technology during my elementary school years were television sets. The use of this equipment allowed teachers to teach in a new way, rather than using verbal lessons. Televisions sets were used to watch educational movies, such as Spanish teaching videos. Middle school was not only an advancement of education, but also an upgrade of technology usage. Throughout middle school, many teachers preferred to use overhead projectors. Teachers stepped away from the chalkboards and began to write on the overhead sheets, which gave students an easier way to access the knowledge. For the duration of my high school years, I was introduced to a new variety of technology. Educators, as well as students, began using computers. This piece of equipment allowed teachers to check emails, hold grades, and record attendance. Students used the computers to learn basic typing skills and for researching information for greater knowledge. There were many ways that technology was used throughout my educational years."

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